Thursday, November 10, 2011

Welcome to Single City Tales

Welcome to my Single City Tales blog. I've been single for quite a long time after my divorce and I think I've just dated about every kind of crazed guy. But one thing I want to be clear on. I'm not a man hater, or user or anything negative like that. I'm actually looking for the right guy. The sweetest guy that's right for me. But in looking for that right guy, I've met and experienced a barage of men that have left me speechless. To boot, they make great copy. :-)   I might as well start with my summer of dates from all over the continent mostly found at one cool bar spot in Greenwich, Connecticut.....

I think I've gone to this location at least 3 times and each time my girlfriend and I went there, I met someone. On this first time out I meet this guy who's a few years older than I am and I'm very used to going out with younger guys solely because that's just been my luck :-) in life, but I thought he was nice. Well, we went on two dates afterwards and all he talked about was what kind of food he could eat because he was watching his cholesterol and kept asking me what I ate and super magnified everything on my plate that was bad. Needless to say, this got really boring right up until we were about to leave. He had to go to the bathroom. Well, off he went and I waited and waited....One of the waiters kept asking me if I was alright, do I need a table, yada, yada. At one point people were looking at me like I was gonna steal something since I was there for way too long.  This guy finally comes out all embarrassed and starts telling me about how he had diarrhea and all. I didn't need to hear this. What a turn off.  We went back to my place where he asked if he could come up and I said, nope, I pass.  Who wants to be with a guy who just told you all of that in less than 2 dates? And cholesterol counting MY plate?  Now I know why I date younger guys.... LOL

Till next time... Sevda in the City

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